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Please check your email address!

I’ve had a few people register for access to APDA photos who have used invalid email addresses. If I haven’t sent you the access password within 24 hours there is a good chance the email you provided is invalid. Please register again with a different email address and try again. If you supply a phone number during registration it makes things so much easier!


APDA competition season

logoPhotos from the APDA 2014 competition season are starting to go online! Click the logo or click here to go to the main navigation page.


Using the WABC Photo Store

It’s been suggested I do a quick how-to on the best way to use my photo store. I’ll try to make it simple!
Step 1: click a link that takes you to the store. It looks like the picture, or you can just click HERE

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North Sydney Physie 10th Birthday

Photos are going online now! (in APDA 2014)
NSP was my introduction to APDA, and so I am doing something unusual for this gallery. No watermarks ( you can save the web resolution files) and you can buy the full resolution files for one dollar. Prints are available too but their pricing is not flexible.
Teachers will have the password.

Photos here!


Northholm Grammar School Debutante Ball

Photos are online!
Click here to  see them!


APDA Photos moving!

Hi! I’ve reached capacity on my website and will now be transitioning all my “for sale” galleries to a new service.

The new service allows searching for file numbers, a much simpler login process, saving your cart and most importantly a printing service!

2013 has now been completely transitioned over to:

2012 is on it’s way.

You now only need to log in with the password, which is the same as supplied for the old site.



Some genius managed to delete the entire website!
In the mean time, please visit my facebook page for pretty pictures